This signup is for praying for the crusade.


We are looking for 3 people per 15 minute slot in a day so that we can pray around the clock for the crusade. In total we need 288 warriors

• Here are some basic items to be praying for

1 for the prayer team to fill up
2 For Pastor Rick’s anointing
3 For churches to come together for this to see people get saved
4 For brothers and sisters to get their list of 5 ready and praying
5 For God to move on the hearts of the unsaved people on our lists
6 For those called to counsel to be prayed up
7 For God to provide as He leads


Date is postponed to October, new date to be announced

Location: 190 S Rock Rd Wichita, KS 67207

Calvary Chapel Fellowship East Wichita KS.