The Servant School Bible College is born out of a desire to teach God’s Word with an emphasis on becoming like Christ who gave Himself so that others could be blessed. Bible schools and seminaries over the last few hundred years have focused on the “gnats” in Theology. Some have avoided truth altogether. Our aim is to give a basic overview of conservative Evangelical Theology with a practical application of service.

After pre-requisite foundational classes that contain an overview of the General courses, individual classes will be offered. Our course of study will include the following classes: First as Foundational then Individually

  • History of the Bible and Interpretation. How we got the original bible & How it was copied/translated. How men have interpreted/understood it through the centuries.
  • Theology: Father, Son & Holy Spirit Understanding who they/He are and how they work individually and collectively. Where did God come from? How does He interact with mankind since the beginning and until the End
  • Ministry, Missions and serving in the church The call, the history and we will study current church and missions organizations
  • Church History & Content We will see how the church grew and changed since Pentecost as well as what it has become since then. What is the future of the church (body of Christ)
  • Salvation: Sin, Forgiveness and Grace We will study the need for salvation in Christ and how He keeps us. We will look at the major doctrines including Calvinism & Arminianism⦁ Angels Good & Evil What can we know about Angels from the Scriptures, evil & good and what the World/ Cosmos says. The media tells a lot of lies about Angels & Demons. What does God say?
  • Man’s Attempts to find his god/self Starting with Nimrod (a mighty hunter in Genesis 10) we will seek to understand how men failed at religion in Babylon and continued for centuries
  • Eschatology: the Study of Last Things, or End Times After establishing a foundation for study we will look at the major doctrines, 2nd Coming Tribulation, Rapture, Anti-Christ, The Beast & The False Prophet

As more teachers and students become involved, in depth studies will be added to the curriculum.

Tuition Costs:

The costs of tuition are to cover the expense of books & notes.

Single student $25 for each 8 weeks.

Married students $35 each 8 weeks.

Our long term goal is to provide housing on campus for students. The first students to come for this will include a practicum on the ministry as well as a chance to serve for scholarships.

Class times:

Thursday 7:00-9:00 pm

Contact us for more information about the classes and or the starting dates 316-688-1626

Servant School Schedule 2019

May 16-July 11, 2019 – Angels Good & Evil – instructor Wayne Cash


July 18-Sept 5, 2019 – End Times Prophecy (Eschatology) – instructor Don Secondine


Sept 12 -Oct 31, 2019 – Church History & Content – instructor Gary Lang                                  


Nov 7 – Jan 9, 2020 – Sin, Salvation & Grace – instructor Wayne Cash 


Jan 16 – March 5, 2020 – Theology – Father, Son & Spirit – instructor Johnny Duncan           


March 12 – April 30, 2020 – Bible History & Interpretation – instructor Dan Flees.