About the Pastor

Don Duncan was born and raised just East of Los Angeles California. Growing up in the 50’s and 60’s he went from Howdy Doody to Haight Ashbury. He accepted the Lord in Sunday school at age 11 but by 14 he had caught a bad case of “terminal cool”.

Jerusalem 1984

By 1967 he had left home and gone to San Francisco for the “Summer of Love”. Don married and had a son in 1970 and a daughter in 1973. A life of drugs and alcohol sent him “up the river” where he had time to think and returned to his first love, Jesus Christ.With his training in Air Conditioning and Refrigeration he went on to open his own business called Faith Refrigeration in 1976, which blossomed both physically and financially.

In 1979, sensing the call to ministry; Don left the business to work full time for Calvary Chapel in West Covina, California. Within a year he and his wife accepted the call to move their family (4 children) to Wichita, Kansas to pioneer a new church.

Ordained in 1980, and with no formal training other than Calvary Chapel, the church in Wichita was a success. Beginning in 1981 every sermon or bible study was recorded. Literally thousands of recorded messages have been given away all over the world. A daily radio program was produced called “Teaching for Today” which was aired in South Central Kansas for over 20 years. The downloadable bible studies on this website are from Don’s original recorded messages.

In 1984 a K-12 Christian school was founded. Hundreds of students have attended and gone on to receive honors and scholarships because of the foundation that was instilled in them.

Nigera, Africa 1989

Beginning in 1986 Don began to make several short term mission trips that have taken him to Asia, Europe, and Africa; and recently to Haiti & Mexico. Additionally, several of Don’s associate pastors have gone on to pioneer their own churches in several states.In 1999 Don retired from the pastorate for medical reasons. Leaving the church and school in capable hands he moved to Sedan, Kansas to become a rancher.
However, being unable to sit still for long he became involved in the community. He remodeled a turn of the century building and opened a teen center bringing in Christian bands. He also remodeled another building and opened a Christian child care center with his wife. He was a founding board member of Big Brothers and Sisters in Chautauqua County.When requests to teach brought him in to Wichita several times; Don decided in 2004 to move closer to Wichita – a suburb named Douglass. With a 103 year old house on 40 acres, and a mortgage, Don returned to the secular workforce. After a few months at a farm supply store, Don was hired as the Executive Director of Downtown Augusta Inc. His love of construction and restoration were fulfilled in this position as he worked with the State and Local Government to help merchants restore their downtown buildings. At this time Don and his wife were granted Guardianship of 5 of their grandchildren. So the search for a better paying position brought him to Habitat for Humanity of Wichita, to manage a retail store selling donated building supplies.With regard to Don’s ministry involvement, he had been a member of Haverhill Christian Church since 2004, and in 2005 became a teacher. Then, in 2006, Don became a member of the church’s governing board.

Don with Grandkids 2006

In 2008 Don was lead to start a Bible study in Wichita. It has since blossomed into a new church – Calvary Chapel Fellowship.

Don is currently the Senior Pastor and along with feeding the body here, he makes himself available for retreats, seminars, or special services.

Don & his wife of 46 years, Susan, have 4 adult children, 13 grandchildren (5 live with them), and they currently reside in Andover, Kansas.